Tribal Spiral

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    14,52 VAT incl.
    Bone (organic)
    Stretched Ear lobe
  • Blue flame tribal spiral is made of carved buffalo horn with turquoise stone inlay.
    Size is the diamether of the plug at the thickest part of the spiral.
    Sold as a single piece (if you want to order pair - please order 2 pieces)
    Rubber o-rings are not included (if you need them - please order separately).
    Note: this piercing jewelry does not fit all the ear types - you have to stretch the lobe to wear this earring. Please consult with your local body piercer professional.
    As this item is handmade of organic material - the item you order might be slighlty different than the one you see on the photo. Even if you order a pair - spirals pattern might be different. The difference in organic stucture is what makes this spiral unique beauty.
    We regret that due to hygene issues, we cannot accept returns of this product. Please ensure that you select the correct size when ordering.

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