Stepped cone labret

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    Code: MLBSTD
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    Surgical stainless steel 316L
    Cartilage, Helix, Tragus
    Ear lobe
    Lip (labret, snakebite, madonna, etc)
    3x16mm cone
    • Labrets are ideal for Lip Piercings and all sorts of Ear Piercings.
    • Labret studs have a flat back plate that sits flush with the skin. Labret stud (a.k.a. pin or nail) is threaded on the end, so you can screw on any suitable size threaded ball, cone or other accessory.
    • You can also customise your labret piercing with our threaded accessories.
    • Labret length are measured along the length of the bar from the flat plate to the attachment (or to the edge where the thread starts).
    • Labret is made of 316L Surgical steel. Please choose labret by choosing the size of the pin.
    • If you can not find the desired pin length or attachment size- please buy the details separately at our Body Piercing's PARTS & ACCESSORIES section.
    • Suggestion: Usually our customers use these labret lengths: 7-10mm for healed lip piercing, 4.5-6mm for earlobe piercing, 12-16mm for cheek piercing, 10-14mm for initial labret piercing. 1.2mm for Madonna, Snakebite, nose piercing, and 1.6 mm for central labret or cheek piercing. For more info please consult with your local body piercer.
    • We regret that due to hygene issues, we cannot acept returns of this product. Please ensure that you select the correct size when ordering.
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