Smooth segment captive steel ring

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    Surgical stainless steel 316L
    hoop ring
    • Smooth segment ring is a ring used in body piercing jewelry where the segment is held in solely by the spring pressure of the metal.
    • Smooth segment ring features two parts; the ring and the clip-in (captive) segment that clips into the ring. The segment has two dimples on either side, where the prongs of the ring rest, keeping the smooth segment ring securely fastened.
    • The ring is opened using either hand pressure on smaller gauges or using ring opening pliers for heavier rings. Smooth segment rings can be a littledifficult to use at first time, so if you plan on wearing these a lot we recommend purchasing some piercing jewellery pliers.
    • Rings are ideal for Lip, Nipple, Navel, Eyebrow and all sorts of Ear Piercings.
    • Ring's diameter is measured at the inside diameter of the ring. Always measure the largest (inside) diameter of the circle. The gauge is the thickness of the wire.
    • Segment rings can be rotated smoothly through your piercings and won't catch on anything.
    • For more info please consult with your local body piercer.
    • We regret that due to hygene issues, we cannot accept returns of this product. Please ensure that you select the correct size when ordering.
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