RQ-BL brand. Red Queen's Black Legion clothes and accessories. Steampunk and Gothic fashion.

  • RQ-BL (Red Queen’s Black Legion) – Steampunk and Gothic fashion brand.

    "Red Queen’s Black Legion" team is a professional designer and manufacturer of highest quality women's Gothic, Steampunk, Steamgoth, Burlesque, Bridal, Dolly-Kei, Gothic Lolita and Punk clothes, and related accessories.
    RQ-BL’s Steampunk clothing & accessories collection is probably biggest and most unique range you can ever find.

    The Red Queen's Black Legion fashion is inspired by Steampunk lifestyle, 18-19 & early 20th century history, magic, vampires, Gothic & Steampunk literature and art.
     he Red Queen's Black Legion name is inspired by Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland book.  
    Red is blood, stands for passion and enthusiasm
    Queen symbolizes noble and refined luxury
    Black is a mysterious, dark side of Gothic vampires
    Legion - heartfelt troops which use their lives to protect and fight for the Red Queen at battlefield

    RQBL designer fashion is for teenager and adult women and men includes blouses, dresses, skirts, jackets, pants, leggings, coats, corsets, t-shirts, gloves, jewelry, goggles, mini hats & fascinators and other clothes and accessories.

    Fantasmagoria Company is the official worldwide representative, retailer and wholesaler of RQ-BL fashion brand based in Europe. We work with RQ-BL team since their first designs under G.L.P. (Gothic Lolita Punk) name. New RQ-BL collections are released every 4-6 months and immediately available for purchase at our online shop www.fantasmagoria.eu. You are welcome to browse our collection of nearly 500 original and highest quality garments & accessories made by RQ-BL. All goods are in stock and ready to be shipped worldwide from our warehouse in Vilnius, Lithuania (European Union).

    Steampunk Heart chest harness
    Code: SP075
    71,39 VAT incl.
    SP225 RQBL Steampunk Bumblebee capri pants
    Code: SP225
    48,40 VAT incl.
    Steampunk Butterfly fascinator
    Code: SP043
    47,19 VAT incl.
    Victoria gloves
    Code: 1017-BK-BK
    10,89 VAT incl.
    Victoria gloves
    Code: 1017-BK-WH
    10,77 VAT incl.
    Victoria gloves
    Code: 1017-WH-WH
    10,89 VAT incl.
    Steampunk garter
    Code: SP031-BK-CF
    15,00 VAT incl.
    Daenerys dress
    Code: 21079-BLACK
    61,71 VAT incl.
    Daenerys dress
    Code: 21079-PURPLE
    61,71 VAT incl.
    Annabel Black shirt
    Code: 21129-BLACK
    36,30 VAT incl.
    43,56 You save 7,26
    Annabel White shirt
    Code: 21129-WHITE
    36,30 VAT incl.
    43,56 You save 7,26
    The Secret Key brown corset with bronze key pendant
    Code: SP001-CF
    31,46 VAT incl.
    50,82 You save 19,36
    Dead Crow mini top hat
    Code: SP052
    54,81 VAT incl.
    Steampunk vest-corset
    Code: SP061
    53,24 VAT incl.
    62,92 You save 9,68
    Gothic lace sleeves
    Code: 1016-WH
    11,74 VAT incl.
    Cynthia red blouse
    Code: 21162-RED
    38,72 VAT incl.
    Cynthia black blouse
    Code: 21162-BK
    38,72 VAT incl.
    Mildred black harness
    Code: SP085-BLACK
    30,25 VAT incl.
    Mildred brown harness
    Code: SP085-COFFEE
    30,25 VAT incl.
    Melisandre black blouse
    Code: SP087-BLACK
    36,30 VAT incl.
    Melisandre brown blouse
    Code: SP087-COFFEE
    36,30 VAT incl.
    White Lolita skirt
    Code: RQBL-21020-WHITE
    23,80 VAT incl.
    Burlesque black skirt-shorts
    Code: 21071-BLACK
    29,89 VAT incl.
    Steam-Lace layered skirt
    Code: SP089
    61,56 VAT incl.
    Gothic bird necklace
    Code: SP125-BLACK
    39,33 VAT incl.
    Tesla electric Monocle
    Code: SP102-BROWN
    71,03 VAT incl.
    Tesla electric Monocle
    Code: SP102-BLACK
    71,03 VAT incl.
    Steamgoth underbust corset
    Code: SP130-BK
    58,08 VAT incl.
    Leviathane shirt
    Code: 21094-BK
    50,94 VAT incl.
    Coppercandy shirt
    Code: SP106
    50,82 VAT incl.
    57,96 You save 7,14
    Barocco bolero with removable belt
    Code: SP116


    36,30 VAT incl.
    61,71 You save 25,41
    Steampunk monocle
    Code: SP103-BLACK
    67,76 VAT incl.
  • R.Q.-B.L. (Red Queen's - Black Legion) clothes and accessories