Pamela Mann

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    Pamela Mann, for all your hosiery needs

    We offer our customers the best range of hosiery made by UK company Pamela Mann. 

    Undoubtedly one of the most diverse companies in its field, Pamela Mann has the infrastructure to serve a broad spectrum of customers; from alternative scene people to high street names. It is the casual must-have legwear brand with a playful attitude and functionality. Trendy, unique, fashionable designs. 

    Pink leopard tights
    Code: AT0002
    484 VAT incl.
    933 You save 449
    Turquoise leopard tights
    Code: AT0004
    605 VAT incl.
    933 You save 328
    Zebra Printed Tights - White
    Code: AT0038
    605 VAT incl.
    998 You save 393
    Plain Stripe Suspender Tights
    Code: AT0014
    780 VAT incl.
    Solid Sheer Stripe Tights
    Code: AT0015-sheer-stripe
    847 VAT incl.
    Sheer Side Slash Tights
    Code: AT0040
    847 VAT incl.