Nazgul coat Punk Rave men's WY-1027-BK

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    BRAND (origin)
    Punk Rave (CN)
    60%cotton 40%polyamide
    FABRIC 2
  • Nazgul coat Punk Rave

    Nazgul Occult & Black Metal style men's coat with vegan leather harness

    • Loose fit
    • Oversized hood
    • Prolonged kimono sleeves
    • Fabric is split into several pieces down from the waist
    • Two side pockets
    • Light, breathable, non-stretchy fabric with stripes texture
    • Plain black, slightly stretchy fabric panels on the sides and sleeves
    • Non-detachable black vegan leather harness with long loose straps at the front and the back
    • Straps of the harness are decorated with O-rings and D-rings
    • Belt buckles and trigger hook closure at the front can adjust the size slightly
    • All metallic details are in silver color
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