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Moon Child Velvet Hobo Handbag

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  •  Made of solid, black velvet and faux leather decorations.
    In the center of the bag there is a moon phases embroidery with MOON CHILD phrase.
    It's surrounded with faux leather straps with rivets decoration. Straps create interesting geometry on the sides of the bag.
    Bag comes with long, adjustable arm strap entirely covered with moon phases embroidery (120 cm!).
    It's really eye catching and you can wear it with other bags, because it's detachable!
     Inside there is black ,soft lining with two pockets. Big zipped one and other smaller one.
    There is also one more pocket on the back of the bag.
    Original Restyle design.

    High: 28 cm
    Lenght: 44 cm
    Lenght of the moon phases arm strap: 120 cm 

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