Midsummer Solstice

Magical rituals of Midsummer

The best ways to celebrate the Summer Solstice

In a few days the magical Summer Solstice, or Litha, will be celebrated all around the Globe. The shortest night of the year is perfect for Pagan ceremonies. Here are the most powerful rituals to make your wishes come true.

Gather the sacred plants

It is believed that plants have the strongest healing and magical powers on the Summer Solstice. Enrich your witchy herbarium with St. John’s Worth, Vervain and Mugworth herbs.
In Lithuania, we have an old tradition of searching for the mysterious blossom of the fern, which can fulfill all your desires. You are supposed to search for it in the forest, after midnight.

Create a circle of friendship

Gather together in a circle or a spiral to sing, tell stories and poems. Exchange your energy through dancing and drumming. Light the fire in everyone's hearts and carry it the whole year!

 Make a crown of the flowers and an altar for the sun

Celebrate your inner Goddess and become the sun yourself with a crown made of wildflowers. Lithuanian girls make a wreath from nine or twelve different herbs before midnight and float it in a river. The faster it goes, the sooner the girl will get married.

 Participate in the rites of fire

Bonfire is a must! Gather around the big fire to release the potency of the sun. Dance around it barefoot or even jump over the bonfire and walk through the smoldering embers to get rid off all your fears.
Don’t have a possibility to celebrate by the bonfire? Even a small personal altar for the Sun forces will work - light it up with candles and whisper your intentions.

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