Little Black Dress

 Little Black Dress: From Coco Chanel to Gothic Women's Fashion

Since the very idea of little black dress was introduced to the World by Coco Chanel in 1926, it became the synonym of elegance.

 Offering a short black simple dress as an option for every occasion was a rebellious act made by rebellious women designer back in the 1920s. Coco Chanel made a fashion revolution liberating women from old-fashioned and restricting style rules. She built the look of youthful, sexy, confident women.
Today this versatile garment is still a must-have in a fashionable woman's wardrobe, no matter what style she wears. Gothic style lovers are no exception.
Quite a few Gothic ladies praise Coco Chanel since the black color was brought back to fashion exactly by her. Regarded as a color of grief and mourning black dresses were rarely worn. The black color was reinvented by Coco and became a color of elegance, power, and beauty once again. In Coco’s words, “black wipes out everything around.

 In Gothic fashion, black color represents the Gothic lifestyle itself. For black is our depth, the unknown, the mystery, the strength, the poetry, the beautiful sadness, and the uniqueness. The Gothic little black dress is a perfect choice for all the queens of darkness, modern witches, and alternative fashionistas. In our you will find a little black dress for any occasion.

 Feel the power of the casual black dress. Slip into the comfortable yet stunning dress decorated with subtle details and be yourself every day!
Feeling sporty? Shop for skater dress with a Bardot neckline with thin straps, short sleeves, and statement graphic on front.
Want to add some mystery to your daily look? Choose mesh panels, hoods, and moon symbols.
For the edgy look, try dresses with belt loops, buckles, and detachable straps. 

 Little black dress was created as a suit version for ladies. It’s always a good choice as a formal office or uni/school outfit. Want to look professional but not boring? We have found dresses which will be perfect for your Corporate Gothic style look.
Don’t hide your true personality at work ;). Elegant lines and well-constructed cut are suitable for the work environment, yet the original details reveal your alternative attitude. Add some thrill to your corp style with unusual décor - zippers, buttons, military hardware, or harnesses.

 Little black dress is also hot as hell. The idea is simple, but the final look might be head-turning. Take a look at these intriguing dresses. It’s the best choice for clubbing – comfortable and eye-catching. Be the Mistress of the Night at the Fetish party or Gothic dance club when wearing one of our Gothic Fetish style dresses. Choose a glossy PVC fabric dress; luscious bodycon silhouettes; dresses spiced up with bondage details, see-through fabrics. Don’t forget the accessories such as chokers with d-rings and high heel boots!

 Looking for a Romantic Gothic style outfit? Show your gentle side with these adorable little black dresses which are suitable for every day and perfect for Valentine's day, unforgettable date or an evening at the theatre. Heart-shaped cut-outs, laces and flowy silhouettes, black roses, symbols of the moon (because the dates under the moon are the most romantic thing to do). Get ready to conjure the dark love spirits and enchant the night with an alluring dress from

 Attending a Gothic wedding? We have gorgeous evening dresses adorned with elaborate ornaments, laces, and ruffles perfectly suitable for bridesmaids or the bride herself (just add the black veil!). From luxurious Gothic Lolita to Romantic Victorian Gothic style – all the dresses are exclusively glamorous and suitable for any big (dark) event! Short wedding dresses are for the courageous personalities! Wrap yourself into the dream-like fabrics and feel like a goddess.

 Are you fed up with jeans and t-shirts as a usual festival outfit? Try something more mysterious and feminine. These are the perfect Gothic and Metal style dresses for the festivals – comfy, light, and edgy. Easy to pack and care, one of these festival-ready dresses will be your favorite item of the party weekend. We have dresses suitable for any Alternative music open-air festival: Gothic, Metal, Rock, Electronic or even Burning Man or Wasteland!
Make a statement and create a unique style by adding accessories (harnesses, belts, chokers, match it with the bag and boots). Have fun and don’t forget to tag us on your social networks as @fantasmagoriashop !!!

 Matching little black dress with sexy hosiery is a classic form of elegance (or necessity when the weather is cold).
No matter which style of the dress you will choose– Romantic, Military, Minimalist or Edgy, our feminine stockings or tights is a perfect match. Choose your pantyhose from our extensive hosiery selection - silky to touch, perfect elasticity with lycra and slightly perfumed.

Are you inspired by this Little Black dress lookbook? Check the name in the photos and use our website’s “search” to find your outfit.