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Kraken Plush Toy

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    Monsters can be cute too!

    - Green Eyes - 3 of Them!
    - 8 Tentacles w/ Individual Faces.
    - Wings.
    - Soft Luxe Plush - To Hold, Hug or Hail.
    - Stuffed With Hocus Pocus.

    After many years lurking in the darkest depths of the ocean, it's time to release the Kraken - and they are way cuter than we could have ever imagined! The perfect combination of creepy + cute - add this bundle of darkness and their 8 snappy lil' friends to your growing collection with the 'Kraken' KREEPTURES; 30cm of huggable soft plush fur, 3 glowing green eyes, 8 tentacles with individual faces and wings. Purrfect for gifting - or best of all, for yerself!

    Suitable For Ages 3+.

    Limited Edition, get it while you can!

    With KREEPTURES Branding. 100% Poly Mix. CE Approved. 

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