Tokyo Nights Wallet

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  • Killstar Tokyo Nights Wallet

    Never let anyone tell you to grow up - it's a trap.

    - Luxe Vegan Leather & Velvet.
    - Multi Compartments.
    - Wing Detailing.
    - Press-Stud Closure.
    - Tri-Fold Style.
    - 18cm x 10cm.

    Incorporate the night creatures to all yer life, with the 'Tokyo Nights' wallet yer cash is shielded under the wings of darkness. Soft luxe leather and velvet combo, multi compartments to fit all yer stash, cards and spells - with no effort at all. Traditional shape to fit yer busy-on-the-move-life & must-haves when you leave the crypt; think of a compartment and ya bet we got it covered.

    Match with anything, it adapts to yer style effortlessly.

    with KILLSTAR Branding, 100% PU Leather. 

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