Tokyo Nights Backpack

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  • Killstar Tokyo Nights Backpack with detachable batwings!

    Never let anyone tell you to grow up - it's a trap.

    - Faux Leather.
    - Detachable Bat Wings.
    - Zip Closure & Adjustable Straps.
    - Inside Pocket with Zip.
    - Classical Lining.
    - 35cm x 26cm x 10cm.
    - Strap Length Between 52cm - 90cm.

    Queen of the night - the 'Tokyo Nights' backpack ticks all yer goth boxes; huge statement batwings [detachable], sleek coffin design, vegan leather and adjustable straps. Zip closure and fully lined - with a handy inside zip-pocket. Kawaii till ya die!

    A guaranteed head turner - make those skullz roll! Matches perfect with yer all-black-everything lifestyle.

    with KILLSTAR Branding, 100% PU. 

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