Scout Troop 666 Hoodie

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  • Killstar Scout Troop 666 Hoodie

     Coz your cookies are made from real girl scouts, duh.

    - Soft Touch Cotton.
    - Oversized Hood.
    - Tie Front Detail
    - Prints & Embroidery Patches.
    - Front Pocket.
    - Relaxed Fit.

    You love campfires - that's how you communicate with the spirits and toast ur snacks! The 'Scout Troop 666' pull-over hoodie is loaded with cute details whilst maintaining a super relaxed and cozy feel. Soft cotton jersey with detailed embroidery patches on each sleeve, accent printed front and statement print back, tie front with pocket and a deep oversized hood. Extra long A-line shape - ideal for layering or adding some playful drama to the everyday explorations.

    Get ready to embark on yer crazy adventures - goes perfect with leggings or yer fav denims.

    Keep the black vivid AF; Wash Cold - Gentle Cycle.

    with KILLSTAR Branding, 100% Cotton.

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