Magical AF Shopper Tote

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  •  Killstar Magical AF Shopper Tote Shoulder Bag

     Never ever forget; you're a magical creature - constantly creating and carving out your own destiny. Ur magical AF.

    - Luxe Faux Leather.
    - Spacious with Zip Closure.
    - Zip-Featured Side.
    - Compartments.
    - Bold Graphic.
    - Size 37x36x10cm, Strap 60cm.

    The 'Magical AF' shopper is yer perfect partner, day or night - classic shape, really spacious with lots of room for yer makeup, wallet, notebook and diverse magical toolz. High-quality faux leather exterior, classic lining and zip closure - yer ready to deal with anything!

    Match easily with yer outfits + have all yer stuff in one place = awesome!

    with KILLSTAR Branding, 100% PU Leather.

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