Astrology Blanket Tapestry

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    BRAND (origin)
    Killstar (UK)
    100%natural cotton
  • Killstar Astrology Blanket Tapestry

    Forever and ever staring at the stars.

    - Soft Touch Fabric.
    - Tapestry/Blanket.
    - Huge Graphic Print
    - Size 225 cm x 150 cm / 88" x 60"

    Are you forever gazing at the stars? Dreaming of the moon? Most at home in the dark? We bring you our very first tapestry - that can also be used as a blanket to adorn yer bed/whatevers! Huge - so you know you get the desired effect - with a decorative print all over.

    Completes yer life perfectly - duh.

    with KILLSTAR branding.