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GP-7 Gasmask

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    khaki green
    Steampunk & Dieselpunk
    Military Goth
    Vilnius, Lithuania, Europe Union
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    New with original tags, branding and packaging
  • The GP-7 gas mask comes with a green filter.


    • This gasmask was produced around 1992 and has never been used.
    • Although this  gas mask has never been used, acts as a 3rd party distributor and can not be held responsible for the level of protection this item provides.
    • As with any surplus masks, we cannot warranty them, and they may have slight scratches or imperfections.
    • Fantasmagoria recommends using this mask for style or decoration purposes. This might be a cool accessory for your steampunk of industrial interior or outfit.
    • The filter should be used for decoration or collection purposes only. As a general rule you should never breathe through any old filter, Old filters can fall apart over time meaning you can inhale the filter components, causing damage to your lungs. 
    • If you decide you want to wear this mask, we either recommend wearing it without the filter or purchasing the new modern filter, which can be found in specialised stores. 
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