Gothic Summer

Never too hot to be a Goth

Gothic summer fashion lookbook

Since your heart is cold and dark, it’s a bit challenging to survive a hot and bright summer. Don’t hide in the shadows all season! You can still uphold your blackness under the irritative beams and flourish a unique Gothic style even in the hotness.
We stock plenty of fabulous dark outfit ideas worth trying this summer. Flowing dresses, see-through tops, unique t-shirts, comfortable shorts, magical accessories, and evil beach inventory will help you stay yourself this season. Whether you are a charming witch, an unstoppable festival goer or an industrial explorer: if black is your happy color, indulge yourself with these summer garments and activities for Goths!

Skater dresses - summer must-haves!

 A refreshing breeze embraces your skin; bare feet touch the velvety carpet of soft grass, your dress flows while you are posing for the perfect vacation photo. Light and comfortable skater dresses are perfect for the summer.

 Enjoy picnics under the moon 

 When  when the sun has set, the moon starts to caress your beautiful pale skin and deep soul. Dive into the silver moonbeams and invoke the spirits of the life-giving night. Dance like nobody is watching, dress-up like it’s the last night of the world. Miracles are born here if you only want to. Just whisper your wishes to the stars. Grab your favorite drink and get comfortable on the moonlight meadow.

 Practice the moon magic in a dreamy outfit:

 Black mass in the summer on the beach or at the pool? Why not! 

 Cast a spell and get everything you want! Don’t stop being a Goth Witch while wearing a bikini and enjoying some extra warmth. 

 Original Gothic style bikini is a reality! Choose your favorite: 

 Feather-light sarongs to keep you comfortable and elegant:

 Spread the devilish beach towel, shield yourself from the sun with a witchy parasol and purrfect sunglasses. A sophisticated lacy folding fan will help you to create a personal breeze while chilling on the occult kitty pool float. Slide into the studded sandals and put your black beach inventory into the horror inspired tote bag to finish the perfect day perfectly.

 Breath the night in

 Soft and mysterious whispers are flying in the darkness; luscious thoughts are spinning in the air. Your eyes reflect the silver moon; your heart hears the echo of its twin.  Breathe in the night deeply in and exhale the magic out. Hot summer nights are for the search of love. Let yourself to be tempted… 

 Slip into the sensuous blackness and free your lust:

 Be the shadow under the burning sun

 You are the one to survive the day and rule the night. Defeat the cruel sunbeams while creating a shadow shield. Wrap yourself into the light mesh, romantic laces, or the sexy fishnets. Save your skin from the sunburns with these breathable veils. Almost weightless Gothic style shawls, hoodies, and tops are stylish and necessary this summer. 

 Enchant the city

Summer city is on fire. It looks like there‘s no escape from the burning jungle of the concrete. Don‘t blend into the weathered crowd. Keep your blackness fresh and pure. Enchant the city with your Gothic style and stay cool. Choose light dresses, skirts, shorts, and comfortable tops. 

 Let them glimpse into your dark world

 T-shirts and relaxed tops are irreplaceable in the summer. Shake the average minds - make your statement with bold and meaningful graphics. Let the crowd glimpse into the deeper and darker realm of the occult where the magic thrives. Choose the one that reflects your unique soul the best!

 Summer outfit ideas for Gothic men

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