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Information for customers outside EU:


    Do you live outside European Union? Then you can shop without paying 21% VATon goods and shipping!
    *VAT is abbreviation of "value added tax" (similar to "sales tax" in US)

    How this works? 21% value-added tax will be deducted on checkout: once you choose shipping to the Country outside EU --> all the prices will be recalculated at 0% VAT and will be displayed as „excl.VAT“ (excluding value added tax of 21%)

    Tax free shopping is available for deliveries to the Countries from this list:

    Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Costa Rica 
    Hong Kong
    New Zealand
    Russian Federation
    Saudi Arabia
    South Africa
    South Korea
    UAE (United Arab Emirates)
    United States (USA)




    Customs duties & import taxes. Information for our customers outside European Union.

    Please note, when ordering goods with delivery to the Country outside EU- value added tax is not included in the price of goods and shipping. Once the package reaches your Country, you may be (or may be not) subject to import duties&taxes. If any additional charges occur - they will be collected by the company that delivers your parcel. 
    All charges for customs clearance and import taxes must be borne by you (receiver of the goods) as we (sender) have no control over them nor are we able to reimburse you.
    In most of the Countries there are certain amount of goods are available for purchase abroad without having to pay any taxes or import duties*. Some customs would charge you regardless of the total amount if the ordered goods are made of certain fabric or it is some certain item e.g. shoes. Customs policies vary widely from country to country. So please contact your local customs office for further information (list the type of goods you plan to order, price of goods, total amount including delivery price, tell that delivery will be from EU, country Lithuania).
    *there might be some minimum which is not taxed, if you go over that minimum limit, VAT may be applied to the total value of all goods. e.g. if the total order value is not more than 100 EUR or 100 USD including the total cost of all items and shipping price, then in some Countries customers do not have to pay any additional taxes or duties. Detailed information should be available from the Federal Customs Administration of your Country.

    For information on taxes and possible additional charges you may also contact FedEx, UPS or Post Office information. These carrier companies has to provide information about import duties or give you local customs office phone numbers. We ship outside EU by Post Office, FedEx and UPS courier companies. Your local FedEx contacts can be found here:, UPS contacts can be found here:, for Post Office contacts check your Country's  post office website.

    For more information, please contact us.

    Please note that customers within European Union won't have to pay any taxes and you won't have any issues with customs on delivery of your order. We ship from Lithuania, our Country is in EU, so All taxes is already included in the price.