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    Only returns that meet the requirements listed in Terms & Conditions will be accepted.

    Your satisfaction is our top priority. We understand your concerns when shopping online, hence we are as lenient as possible with our return policy, within reason; however, a large amount of responsibility lies with you. Make sure you take a look at our SIZING CHARTS and that you are delighted with your order before checking out. Read the product description, see all related photos, check product colour, on the product picture and in the description, measure your size, and recheck quantity of each item in your cart (basket) to ensure your order is as you want it. And, of course, feel free to contact us with any specific questions you may have about a particular item or size.



    When shipping anything back to us, please follow the instructions on the return label you get with the order. Please return goods within 14 days after receiving the order (starts on delivery day*). 
    *The delivery date starts the day when courier claims the package was delivered (based on carrier tracking information and your signature).

    To return the order:

    1. On the return label or printed invoice (sent with your order), please mark which items you want to return for refund (if any) and which items you wish to return for exchange (if any); write your order number, your full name and contacts.
    2. Send the order in the original condition; all goods must be with original labels & packing.
    3. Products must be returned to the same address where it was shipped from. Return address: Fantasmagoria, Jaksto 9-108, 01105 Vilnius, Lithuania. Please write our phone number as well: +37060092442
    4. Please ensure you adequately package all returns, as we cannot accept liability for damage done to the items returned caused by inadequate packaging. (This includes footwear sent back in unwrapped shoeboxes. Please do not use staples to seal packaging as we cannot be held responsible for damage caused by the customer. Items returned to us are the sender's responsibility, and we cannot be held accountable for post losses. Make sure you send a registered parcel.
    5. Please note that the return expenses have to be paid by you (customer).
    6. Initial shipment is not refundable, and item exchange delivery expenses must also be paid by customer (unless it's a faulty item or wrong item sent or you are our returning customer). Please note, as it says in our T&C, that in case of return we won’t be able to refund you the shipping costs, and due to high international shipping price we will have to ask you to pay for shipping in case of an exchange.

    However, exchange items to our frequent returning customers are sent free of charge.

    Some customers prefer to sell the unwanted item on eBay or similar online marketplace and place the new order. In this case, we can give a discount on the exchange item! Please email us for this option.

    When sending the order back to us, PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT THE VALUE YOU STATE ON THE DECLARATION STICKER (usually blue or green colour) which will be given you at the Post Office) is not more than 10 USD or 10 EUR. And mark the parcel as "gift" or if "gift option is not possible please mark it ad "return for exchange" or "return for refund". Do not insure the parcel, and choose the cheapest shipping possible. Otherwise, the package will end up in customs and the clearance process may take up to 45 days and may include charges up to 30% of the cost stated on the declaration.
    The easiest way is to sell the item you do not want to keep through eBay or Facebook Marketplace and order another size or another piece from us ;). Contact us for this option.

    ANY RETURNED ITEM MUST BE IN ITS ORIGINAL CONDITION. Do not cut off the label or care instructions that are attached, stick or sewn into the garment before you try the item on and have decided to keep it permanently. Removal of any tags that are sewn into the garment will result in a non-returnable garment. Please be aware that some goods will have to be returned to our Head Office for evaluation and that some of them will have to be examined by the manufacturer before a decision can be made. If we do take your goods in for investigation, we will inform you of the decision as quickly as possible.

    Please, be careful when trying on the item. Make sure that the size fits you and you are satisfied with the purchase before removing any tags and throwing away the packages. Please make sure that you try shoes inside the house, and walk some time on a clean surface until you are sure the size fits you well.
    PERSONAL HYGIENE. Please do not be offended by the rules, as the following request may seem obvious, but you would be surprised what some customers try to return. When trying out the clothes, please make sure you do not have and will not get into contact with: deodorant, perfume, food, cigarette smoke, filth, dry skin flakes, body grease, animal fur, dust, etc. We do not accept returns of items which have been worn and damaged or soiled. Sorry, but no exceptions.
    Our Company does not warranty and is not responsible for damages caused by trying out the received items without care, e.g. trying to put on the clothes which are apparently too small for the customer, using force on fragile items such as jewellery, opening the package without care. We are not liable for defects caused by unusual usage, insufficient or incorrect care. Our Company does not warranty and is not responsible for damages caused by misuse, abuse, accidents, the natural breakdown of materials over time, or problems that may be reasonably expected with regular use, wear and tear or failure to follow bought item care instructions. However, we will provide you with all possible information and advice regarding the repair of the item, spare parts & accessories, care advice.

    During the New Years Holidays period we allow returns to be made after the Holidays. If you are buying someone a gift for Christmas*, and the size does not fit - please send the item back to us before the 5th of January.
    This offer is valid on orders placed from 1st of December until Christmas.

    Following EU law and in the interests of hygiene we do not offer refunds and do not accept returns on piercing jewellery & earrings, underwear & swimwear, hosiery such as socks, tights, etc., cosmetic products, lenses, artificial nails & eyelashes. Under EU law, we do not offer refunds and do not accept returns on watches, customised products, made to measure items, CDs &DVDs, magazines, stockings, clothes and accessories made of rubber or PVC. (Unless any of mentioned items are defective).

    If you are not satisfied with your purchase and want to exchange it to another size (if available), or another item (if available), please contact us, and follow the standard return rules written in these T&C. Please make sure you read the product description, look at pictures, study our sizing chart and fitting advice, measure yourself before making the order. If you are not sure about your sizing or your body is not standard size- you are welcome to email or call us for advice. You can e-mail us the information about your measurements after placing the order, and we will choose the size that fits you best. We strongly recommend writing your measurements in the comment field on checkout or in the email after/before making your order. Please read our SIZING & MEASUREMENT info page.

    We check all items before shipping, but occasionally (due to human factor) some mistakes (e.g. such as workmanship error) may happen. When there is a defected item sent, or wrong (not as ordered) item shipped, please email us immediately and provide the defect proof – description and photo if possible. To return the purchase- please contact us & follow the rules written on this page.
    In case of a defect, which existed before delivery, you have the choice of getting a discount, full or partial refund, a new article or a repaired one. We can refuse your request getting a new article or a repaired one under the restriction of commensurability if, e.g. the costs are not in due proportion to the value of the item. Each case is unique – it will be discussed over the emails or phone conversation with each client individually.

    If you decide to cancel your order, please respect our and our employees’ work, and let us know your decision to cancel as soon as possible.
    If your order has been shipped already you will have to wait until it arrives, and (without opening it) send it back to us (you will have to pay for the return shipping – all shipping costs and related money transfer charges will have to be covered by customer). We will be able to make a refund once we receive your return, and after we inspect the items returned. The refund may take up to 10 days after we receive your returned purchase. Only the cost of goods will be refunded. Any fees that we get charged for the return of the products by the carrier will be subtracted from your initial payment.
    Please note, that you will have to pay all bank (or PayPal) charges, applied to the financial transactions connected with the money refund.
    If you wish for the package to be re-sent, you will have to pay the shipping costs, even if you received free shipping initially. For more info, please contact us & follow the rules written in T&C.

    REFUND WILL BE ISSUED TO THE SAME ACCOUNT, FROM WHICH THE ORDER WAS PAID. Refund will be done within 5 to 14 working days after the return is received at our address and after the returned items has been inspected (return check and inspection takes 1-3 working days). Please note, that, depending on your bank’s policy, a refund may not show up on your account for up to one billing cycle. Refund during national holidays or due to extreme conditions may take up to 4 weeks.

    RETURNING BONUSES AND GIFTS If there are bonus items or free gifts sent with the order – you have to send them back in the original condition. (Bonus items and gifts are provided for successful purchases without the refund). If these items are not sent back – we will have to charge you for these items.
    For combination purchases ("buy one, get one free" or "get the lowest priced item free" etc.), you must return any free items or vouchers back to process a refund.
    Please note that any warranty does not apply to the items sent as a gift or as a free bonus item. Please note you cannot return the gift or bonus for exchange.

    RETURNS DURING HOLIDAYS OR (OUR) VACATIONS Delays on holidays: sometimes during sale periods or other busy periods, all shipping of returns may take longer (Post Offices are very busy, also we may be to busy to go to pick up the returns at the Post Office in time). Please allow several extra working days to 3 weeks for returns deliveries over National Holidays. It may also happen that our customs office inspects your parcel before releasing it for delivery to us. That can cause a few weeks delay (only when the order is shipped outside EU). Busy holiday period starts in the middle of November and ends at the end of January. Also, there might be slight delays during Easter, our Vacation (the dates should be written at the top of the home page of our website) or any other National Holidays or because of extreme weather conditions in some Countries (e.g. heavy snow or storms) 

    Please note: We do not accept returns which were sent later than 14 days after you received the order.
    We cannot be held responsible if you forgot to send the order back to us, or if you forgot to pick it up from the courier, or if you forgot to open it within 14 days after receiving. We cannot be responsible if your computer had a virus and you couldn't get online to contact us, or you were on vacation, and couldn’t send the package back to us, or you thought you would lose weight that is why you ordered garments 2 sizes smaller and broke it while trying on, so to speak. :)
    Changing your mind about the ordered item is your choice, but we are not responsible for shipping costs if you do so.
    We will not refund money to another account than the account you used to purchase the goods.
    We try to make everything as hassle-free as possible. Please don't assume anything, make sure you call us +37060092442 or email us if you have questions. 

    We reserve the right to refuse an order. Non-acceptance of an order may, for example, result from one of the following:
    * The product ordered being unavailable in stock
    * Our inability to obtain authorisation of payment
    * The identification of an error within the product information, including price or promotion
    • In case of an obviously fraudulent order placed
    • In case of „serial returners“, or if we think that the buyer is trying to harm our business, or violates the applicable law, we reserve the right to block the user from any future use and orders from our website.

    For more information, please contact us.