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Information for models and influencers

  • How to become a Fantasmagoria Influencer and model?

    Do you want to collaborate with us as an influencer? Great! Please read our terms and requirements below.


    We want to work with you because you are a creative individual who has her/his/their style and is into an Alternative subculture.
    • You have more than 5000 followers
    • You love to take photos and videos of yourself in full height (where your outfit is visible).
    • You enjoy talking to your fans and followers and reply to their comments.
    • You have at least 500 likes on your posted content.
    • Your followers are real; they have the same interests in fashion as you.
    • You like fashion Fantasmagoria sells, and our products match your style.
    • You follow our @fantasmagoria and @punkrave Instagram profiles

    If all the statements above are true and correct, then please read on. 
    If this is not yet for you, become our ambassador (apply here)!


    What do we expect from our influencers?

    We want our influencers to genuinely create and increase awareness about the Fantasmagoria shop among their fans, friends, and followers.

    Here is our influencers todo list:
    1. Take high-quality photos wearing or using the received item. Our products should be visible. If there are wrinkles caused by product packaging and shipping, clothing must be ironed before the photoshoot.
    2. Post at least 2 Instagram and 2 Facebook feed posts per received item (of course, you are more than welcome to post as many times as possible!)
    3. (Optional) Film a short or long video and post it in the Stories, Reels, Tiktok, YouTube
    4. Post at least 3 stories on Facebook and Instagram (of course, you are more than welcome to post as many times as possible!)
    5. Tag Fantasmagoria on all the posted content.
    6. Tag Fantasmagoria, write Fantasmagoria web-shop address in the description, write the name of the item you are wearing/using.
    7. (Optional) Choose post location as "Fantasmagoria" (make sure you choose Fantasmagoria, Jaksto 9, 01105 Vilnius, Lithuania)
    8. Posted content must be kept on your profile for at least one year
    9. Send photos and videos to Fantasmagoria by email or through WeTransfer. Image size should be at least 2MB at 1200 pixels width x 1920 pixels height (the larger, the better).
    10. Follow @fantasmagoria and @punkrave profiles at least during the collaboration time (if you want to do continuous collab, we expect you to follow us all the time)
    11. Like our posts and write occasional comments on our posted photos. (like at least 10 last posts and write at least 3 comments on our last posts during each collab)

    This task should be completed within one month after receiving the item(s)

    As our Influencer, you confirm that you and the photographer (and whoever takes part in creating the images) agree with the use of these images for the advertisement of Fantasmagoria, placement of these images on social media networks and websites belonging to Fantasmagoria.


    Do you match the required conditions, agree with the terms, and are ready to advertise Fantasmagoria by being our Influencer? Perfect!

    Please contact us with your data and let us know your thoughts about collaborations!

    Email us your:
    Full name (as on the ID):
    Mobile phone number:
    Region/State (if any):
    Postal Code/Zip:
    Address line 1 (street name, house no.):
    Address line 2 (flat/apt/room no.):

    Write your social network addresses, nicknames, and followers' quantity.
    What is the status of your Instagram profile account? Personal Open / Personal Private / Business / Creator (?)
    Facebook's business page address (only if you have a modeling/artist page):

    Your height / weight / bust / waist / hips size:
    Sizes you usually wear (e.g., S by Killstar, M by Punk Rave):

    • Brands & shops you currently working with:
    • Brands & shops you worked with in the past:
    • What is your fashion style(s)?
    • Are you willing to provide Influencer's work in exchange for the products and free shipping, or do you require payment?
    • If you are the professional influencer, email us your terms and conditions and your price list.
    • Attach your profile(s) insights & statistics as screenshots. Here is what we need: Top Locations of your followers (cities and countries), last 7-days insights, last 30-days insights.
    • Send links to your top-performing posts.

    Answer yes/no to the questions below:
    Can you take and provide High-Quality Photos?
    Can you take and provide full height photos where the clothing is clearly visible?
    Do you create short videos (Reels, TikTok)?
    Do you create long videos of product reviews and unboxing?
    Will you be interested in purchasing at our store (with a discount, of course)?
    Would you share your named discount code with your followers?

    Depending on your followers' amount and your profile style, various cooperations, partnerships, and paid jobs are possible. Here are a few options:
    • We send you item(s) of our/your choice (free delivery)
    • We rent you item(s) of our/your choice (with free shipping and free return labels)
    • Any from the above + payment or coupon at Fantasmagoria store*
    *Payment is possible if the influencer/model has a massive reach, has no fake/paid followers, can provide high-quality photos and professional content. Amounts and details to be discussed and signed before the project starts

    Your ideas about possible collab ways are welcome!


    Contact us by email

    Please note, we do not share your data with any parties. We only use your address and contact for shipping; your social media accounts for promotion and collaboration.


    We will revise your application and get back to you with our offer and the contract, which you will have to sign by email or direct message on your profile.

    Please note that we will only contact the chosen influencers.





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