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Fantasmagoria Brand Ambassador Program

  • Are you interested in becoming our Ambassador?
    Great! Check the rules and benefits below! 


    • Personal discount code for your purchases at Fantasmagoria!
    • Public discount code for your followers and friends (more followers guaranteed!)
    • Special discounts and early promotions, available only for ambassadors.
    • Free products from Fantasmagoria shop!
    • Vouchers for shopping at Fantasmagoria!
    • Personal messages from owners and direct communication with Fantasmagoria staff.

    • You like our products & the fashion style we sell
    • You are willing to spread the word about our shop to your friends and followers.
    • You are active on social media and have at least 1000 followers (on any social network).
    • You are taking quality photos of yourself wearing our goods.
    • You know how to tag and mention the business page on your photos.
    • You are ready to actively participate (if not yet) in discussions in Facebook groups related to alternative fashion.
    • You are an active member of Fantasmagoria and Punk Rave Facebook groups.
    • You are following Fantasmagoria and Punk Rave Facebook pages and commenting on our posts.
    • You are following Fantasmagoria and Punk Rave Instagram profiles and commenting on our posts.
    • You are already a returning customer of ours (or you are willing to become one by placing the orders with us).
    • You are ready to write reviews on our products and services.

    To apply, answer the questions below, and email to
    1. Your full name?
    2. Where are you located (Country and city)?
    3. Your Facebook address (if you use both, personal and business page, write both):
    4. Your Instagram address:
    5. Do you use Instagram as a personal or creator’s page?
    6. Your TikTok page address (if any):
    7. Your YouTube channel (if any):
    8. Other social media pages you use:
    9. Do you write a blog? If yes, write the page address.
    10. What are your favorite fashion styles?
    11. What are your favorite brands?
    12. Please send us a link (or a few) to your social media posts where you tagged or mentioned Fantasmagoria.
    13. Do you already work as an ambassador with other brands? If yes, list the brands you work with:
    You are welcome to add to this list and write your suggestions and questions!

    Please, only apply if you are interested in making the purchases at Fantasmagoria shop. If you are looking for free giveaways only, and you are a model, please apply to our Influencers program.
    There are more chances to be accepted to the Ambassadors program if you are our returning customer and already tagging us in your posts on social media. 

    Once we receive the application – you will get an answer from us by email within three weeks. We will then email you our offer and a contract for signing.

    Please note that we will only reply to the chosen candidates who meet our expectations and answer all questions above.