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Casket Carry Case

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    Killstar (UK)
  • Casket Carry Case by Killstar brand.

    Not all vampires travel by moonlight - some you will find on any regular flight.

    - Hard Protective Shell.
    - Custom Coffin Shape.
    - Bat Plaque.
    - Collapsible Handle.
    - Zip Closure + Multi Compartments.
    - Wheels.
    - Size 53cm x 35cm x 22cm.

    Bring a bit of magic on yer adventures out the crypt. Our super limited 'Casket' carry case will sure cause a stir on your trips to Transylvania. Hard protective case in a custom coffin mould, collapsible handle and four wheels so you can be on a constant roll. Adorned with a contrasting silver bat-plaque.
    With zip closure, multi compartments and just the right size for your carry on.

    See you in the mid-air, child of the night!

    with KILLSTAR Branding, 100% PU. 

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