Black Swan Gothic Wedding petticoat

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    Code: WSPTC8
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    BRAND (origin)
    Fantasmagoria (LT)
    100% polyester
    One size (XS-XXL)
    Gothic, Victorian & Vampire
  • Huge black gothic wedding petticoat skirt with 2 metal hoop rings.

    Long black ball gown petticoat can be worn as a petticoat or separately as a skirt.
    The size is adjustable on the back of the skirt with satin ribbon and velcro strap.
    Size can be adjusted from 50-90 cm waist.
    The skirt has 2 metal hoops which helps to hold the form as shown on the picture.
    The skirt is covered with layers of black mesh fabric, which gives it even more volume.
    The largest bottom hoop is about 4 metres wide!
    The skirt is lightweighted and fits about 40*40 cm plastic bag when folded :)

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