Ball closure ring

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    Surgical stainless steel 316L
    hoop ring
    Belly (navel)
    Cartilage, Helix, Tragus
    Ear lobe
    Inner lip (scrumper)
    Lip (labret, snakebite, madonna, etc)
    Nose (nostrill)
    • Ball closure ring (also known as captive bead ring) is a ring used in body piercing jewelry where the bead is held in solely by the spring pressure of the metal. Special dimpled accessory (usually ball) are used to close this ring.
    • Ball closure ring features two parts; the ring and the clip-in (captive) ball that clips into the ring. The captive ball has two dimples on either side, where the prongs of the ring rest, keeping the ball closure ring securely fastened.
    • The ring is opened using either hand pressure on smaller gauges or using ring opening pliers for heavier rings.
    • Ball closure rings are ideal for Lip, Nipple, Navel, Eyebrow and all sorts of Ear Piercings.
    • Ring's diameter is measured at the inside diameter of the ring. Always measure the largest (inside) diameter of the circle. The gauge is the thickness of the wire.
    • Diameter suggestion for lip's snakebite piercing: Usually our customers use 8 mm when pierced right at the edge of the lip or 10 mm when piercing is done a bit below the lip. For more info please consult with your local body piercer.
    • We regret that due to hygene issues, we cannot accept returns of this product. Please ensure that you select the correct size when ordering.
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