Assassin top WT-570-BK Punk Rave

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    BRAND (origin)
    Punk Rave (CN)
    65%polyester 35%rayon
    FABRIC 2
    95%cotton 5%spandex
  • Assassin top by Punk Rave

    Postapocalyptic Gothic Grunge style black ripped women's top with asymmetrical zipper detail

    • Fitted, slimming silhouette

    • Double layer stretchy fabric
    • Semi see-through ripped & distressed upper fabric on the sleeves, turtleneck and right front side
    • Irregular pleats on the right front side detail
    • Asymmetrical decorative front zipper
    • Hollow-out detail on the chest
    • Pointed asymmetrical front hem
    • Front hem is longer than the back hem
    • Extra long sleeves have thumbholes and can be pulled down over the hands
    • Turtleneck can be rolled up over the mouth like a mask
    • Hidden zipper closure at the back of the neck
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